Sunday, May 28, 2006

Anti Quota Rally in Bangalore

Went to the anti-quota rally in bangalore . Checkout some of the news coverage from bbc ,hindu .
I felt there was lack of enthusiasm and seriousness on the part of protesters. I was in the non-serious group :). On deeper thoughts I am not that sure if this policy change affects that many people, and hence there is lack of seriousness.

The rally was unneccessarily docile :). The rally route was bad . There were stretches where noone could have heard us. Also rally caused no traffic jams - another bad. In the end I dont think anyone noticed. Whats the point of going to a rally when noone notices it ?


Anonymous said...

totally agree with mr nitin.even police men were left with no job at the rally . the prosters' leaders were themselves busy with maintaining traffic better than the traffic police.looked they were trying to find some jobs there by showing their skills.

Anonymous said...

read protesters'* in anty quota rally blog :)