Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reservation in Education

Reservation in education is hot topic in india right now. And it is rightly so as it affects future of mllions of youngsters.

Is reservation right or wrong ? I think reservation or affirmative action is required to pull up categories who have been historically weak in their social standing. There can be several implementations of "Affirmative action". The present one of blanket quotas in education is the worst. I would list out the problems in the current policies and possible solutions
  • Reservation percentages are too high. They are more than 50% in some states. The propose d 50% in central univs would be devastating for general category.
  • Creamy layer. The current policy has created created a "creamy layer" withing SC/ST and OBC category. The children of beneficiaries, who have a good education and good financial status, still avail the quota. Creamy layer should be removed from the reservation since they already are at a higher social and financial standing.
  • Reservation Benefits are allowed multiple times for a single person. A person shouldnt get benefit of quota in education, then higher education and then in job, and then again in promotions. A person should be given the benefit possibly once or twice in a lifetime. From then onwards he/she should prove himself/herself on pure merit.
  • Not much emphasis of the government on education. India needs a hell lot of skilled people at all levels - technicians, engineers , doctors etc. Education oppurtunities are scarce, thats why reservation is such an issue. If we have enough education oppurtunities then reservation becomes a non issue. Some of the european countries actually have free education for all. We should strive for universal basic education along with more colleges at the higher education level.
  • [UPDATED] No onus to remove the quotas. There is a deep concern that quotas once started would not be removed. They would remain forever. Quota percentages should decrease at a constant rate every year.


Anonymous said...

ye shagga marte hue blog likhta hai

Anonymous said...

this is a serious issue which is not dealt properly ...I dont see any constructive outcome of all these protest...but if we all can open our eyes and vote for the right party next time the purpose is solved.

Jai Hind
~Shantanu Singh~

Omkar said...

you are right about the Creamy Layer issue. There is no point giving reservations to people who are above a particular income limit.
Also, there can be a compulsory reservation at preliminary stages of education (say till 10th) .. After that they should be allowed to use the reservation WILDCARD only once i.e. either at UG level or at PG level..(and that too not 50%..may be 20% overall)

Your thought about providing ample oppurtunities for education is the best one although it might take some time to implement but one shouldnt ignore the fact that it is HIGH TIME to put forward steps in that direction...

Aim should be roti, kapada, makaan aur shiksha!!

Anonymous said...

Future Shock

Wisdomless Politicians
Meritless Admissions

Meaningless Curriculums
Substance less Examinations

Faculty less Departments
Student less Colleges

VC less Universities
Knowledgeless Society

Developmentless Nation
Into that hell of gloomdom

My Father, let my country
go to Sleep
let my country go to Sleep.....

Poem by BR Natarajan BITS Pilani