Monday, January 21, 2008

Mumbai Marathon!! & Bombay in general

* This weekend I went to Mumbai for the half marathon. Finished the marathon in a pathetic 3 hours 5 mins. which works to arounds 7 kmph. slightly faster than brisk walk :). It was slower pace for me than midnight marathon at banglore - so I did bad. have decided to finsh the next in under 2:30 hours.. so thats a goal .. start training this week itself. BTW shantanu did pretty neat and was able to finish off in under 2hours 15 minutes - sweet ..

* It was nice marathon - the route was pretty scenic. lots of it was alongside sea-shore (marine drive, hajji ali) - nice views; and thru some residential areas - seeing so many aam junta - uncle,aunties, moms, dads, kids was amazing.. And the runners - there were so many of them .. many 10 thousands in the half marathon, was pleasantly surprised at the numbers. saw anil ambani, tinisha, milind - the glamor factor was there.

* Liked bombay as a place in general . Traffic (on saturday/sunday) was better than bangalore. The worli sea front was nice. On to the next thing - The scale of money is amazing. It definitely has widened/increased my horizons on how and how much to earn. Met aman - my schoolhood friend, and got a good understanding of ad business and mumbai life in general. The people spoke hindi. There were porshe and rolls royce showrooms (did I spell them right - dont worry I would in some time for sure!). local trains were bad though :)..

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Shantanu said...

I loved Mumbai man this time
Traffic: definitely far better than bangalore

Marathon: I guess you had a decent timing considering the fact that u didnt train for it! and running in Mumbai is tough, well anyways now I plan to drag you out of ben atleast on saturdays and go to cubbon with the regular bakar gang, its so much fun!