Tuesday, January 15, 2008

psuedo intelluctuals rathi & shantanu

* somehow book reading bug has caught on to these guys, and they have become boring now .. rathi is reading some shitty puzo/cuzo novel ,and shantanu is reading some - veronica decides to die..

* On this note, I usually find books boring - unless they are technical in nature.. I am surprised at their slowness, lack of imagination (comparing it with hearsay,movies on them) etc- I tried reading harry potter - got bored in first 2 pages ..

* BTW I am following up on macworld .. lets see what rolls out of the apple bandwagon.. hope something neat/cheap macbook for rajaram :)

1 comment:

Shantanu said...

pseudo intellectuals ... hehehe naah! I heard a lot about this book "veronika decides to die" so thought of reading it, even moti recommended it. I guess this was just a phase, I am coming back to the normal bakar! :p

as far as Rathi goes he is reading his fav author Mario Puzo!